Course: Individuals and Families in a Diverse Society


Individuals and Families in a Diverse Society
Program ID: OTHERS
Course ID : HHS4M
Course Cost:     980.00    
Course Hours:  110

This course applies current theories and research from the disciplines of anthropology, psychology, and sociology to the study of individual development, family behaviour, intimate and parent child relationships, and the ways in which families interact within the diverse Canadian society. Students will learn the interpersonal skills required to contribute to the well-being of families, and the investigative skills required to conduct and evaluate research about individuals and families.

Admission Requirements
Any university, university/college, or college preparation course in social sciences and

humanities, English, or Canadian and world studies.

Learning Outcomes and Career Opportunities
High School Credit

This course is taught fulltime or part-time in daytime, evening or weekends. For more detail information, please fill out Request Form or call 416-850-8889.