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International Programmes

The study programmes of Toronto Central Academy are open to people from all nationalities.

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APPLY FOR 2024 - 2025 Academic Year
Teaching Excellence

Here at the TCA, one of the ways in which we strive to provide the best education possible for our students is by maintaining a high standard for teaching excellence. All of our educators are qualified and experienced in their field. They are also creative, passionate, and dedicated individuals who emulate TCA’s educational philosophy: the best education starts with the student. They take charge of small classes and are able to help each individual student develop and perfect important skills such as problem solving and oral communication.


TCA is committed to providing our students with a wholesome education that involves activities outside the classroom that will enrich our students’ lives. Whether it is horseback riding, pumpkin carving, or volunteering, we encourage and provide with our students diverse opportunities to open their eyes to the world and to learn new things. These activities are designed to help develop our students’ soft skills, such as leadership, time management, and teamwork, allowing them to become well-rounded individuals.

Making Math Add Up

For students who want to pursue a deeper understanding of mathematics and have the opportunity to compete in the Waterloo mathematics competition, TCA has the perfect class. We offer an extra after-school course taught by one of our expert math educators to help students prepare for the Waterloo math competition. This course is also a great way for students to prepare for more advanced curriculum courses. Students of all levels are welcome!

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