Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


  1. How is Toronto Central Academy (TCA) different from other schools?

    Answer: TCA is a university preparatory school that prepares students for admission to top universities and applies each individual student’s personalized academic target to maximize the potential of each student. We consider our program successful when our graduates become university graduates.

  2. As a university preparatory school, how does TCA connect with universities?

    Answer: TCA connects with universities in a variety of ways: university professors are invited to conduct lectures and labs at the TCA campus; TCA’s students take field trips to university campuses to take part in workshops conducted by university professors; TCA teachers attend university sponsored conferences to keep up-to-date regarding new developments in their field of study; including cooperating with university recruitment teams who visit TCA discuss, admission requirements and answer specific questions.

  3. Does TCA provide AP courses?

    Answer: Yes. TCA is approved by the College Board to offer AP courses. The school code is 826564.

  4. How does TCA rank compared to other Canadian high schools?

    Answer: TCA recently ranked 38th out of more than 4000 Canadian high schools in the Waterloo University’s High School Mathematics Competition.

  5. Are scholarships available in TCA?

    Answer: Yes, TCA provides several types of scholarships.

    • The Principal’s Entrance Scholarship (up to $28,500)
    • The Computer Science Entrance Scholarship (up to $28,500)
    • The Math and Science Entrance Scholarship (up to $28,500)
    • The International Student Scholarship (up to $10,000)
    • The Art Entrance Scholarship (up to $28,500)
    • The Community Scholarship (up to $10,000)
  6. How does attendance affect my mark?

    Answer: Good attendance is one of the highest predictors of success. Therefore, TCA has a strict attendance policy. If a student has five or more unexcused absences (totalling 15 hours), the student may not be allowed to take the final exam. If a student has eight or more unexcused absences (24 hours), the student may not be allowed to continue taking this course or receive credit for this course.

  7. How does a student know the status of his/her term marks and attendance?

    Answer: Students can login to their student online account to check their status at any time.

  8. How do parents know a student’s learning status at school?

    Answer: Parents can login to their parent account review student marks, attendance, and credits at any time. Our counselors will contact parents personally when there are concerns regarding their child’s progress. Teachers also provide regular updates that summarize their students’ academic status. These may also be viewed online.

  9. What is the day schedule at TCA?

    Answer: Morning class (9 am to 12:15 pm); Lunch break (12:15 pm-1:10 pm); afternoon class (1:10 pm-4:20 pm), Evening class (4:30 pm-9 pm); IELTS and other tutoring classes (4:30 pm-9 pm). There is also a 15 minute break in the morning and a 10 minute break in the afternoon.

  10. What is the TCA’s official communication channel with students and parents/ guardian?

    Answer: Email is the school’s official communication channel. Students and parents/guardian must provide the school with a valid email address to make sure that they can receive school emails. The school sends all important information by email. Students and parents/guardians are responsible for checking their emails daily.

  11. What is the difference between a Regular Program and the University Green Path program?


    • The University Green Path Program benefits students who hope to attend one of the Top 10 universities.
    • Tuition Fee difference: Green Path Program $28,500/year; Regular Program $18,500/year. Maximum 10 credits per year.
    • Education difference: Green Path Program: IELTS or TOEFL after-school private tutoring is included in the fee. Regular Program:IELTS or TOEFL after-school private tutor involve an additional fee
    • Setup goals: Green Path Program students will setup a target score before each course begins. If student cannot reach the target, TCA will start the after-school support plan to help the student to reach the target score. Students in the Regular Program may apply for after-school support, but there will be an extra charge.
    • Admission requirements differences: Green Path Program: Students need to pass the school entrance exam or interview and sign a three-party contract between the school, parents and student. Regular Program: No need for the school entrance exam or interview, assessment will depend on the transcript that the student provides.
    • Application service difference: Green Path Program: Private support for application details, including personal statements, interview and cover letter, etc. Regular Program: Normal training, extra $3,500 for private training.
  12. What does it mean to be a full-time TCA student?

    Answer: A full-time student studying at TCA means the Ontario Student Record (OSR) is maintained at TCA. The school year begins in September and ends on June 30th. TCA will provide full–time students with all the courses required for admission to the university of their choice.

  13. How many courses may a full-time student take in one school year?

    Answer: Typically, students take between 8 to 10 credit courses per year.

  14. How many courses may a full-time student take for a one year tuition fee?

    Answer: Students may take up to 10 credits for a one year tuition.

  15. What happens if a student chooses to take courses from other private schools?

    Answer: To preserve TCA’s top reputation, students are required to take all their courses at TCA. Students who take courses at other schools will lose their full-time status at TCA. Their school records and responsibility for their university admission application will be transferred to the other school.

  16. Will TCA guarantee to provide all courses that a student wishes to take?

    Answer: TCA guarantees to provide the courses that satisfy the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and admission to full-time students preferred university programs.

  17. What can students do to take courses that are not offered at TCA ?

    Answer: TCA provides all the courses that are required for university admission. If for personal interest a student wishes to take a course that TCA does not offer, the student may take it from our partner school: the Independent Learning Centre (ILC) which is operated by the Ontario Government.

  18. Does TCA provide online courses? If for a legitimate reason, students cannot take classroom courses, how can TCA help them?

    Answer: We strongly believe classroom teaching is the best learning environment for high school students. TCA does not provide online courses. In special case such as for health reasons, TCA will work with students to provide home study courses through the Independent Learning Centre (ILC).

  19. If students want to leave school before the end of school year for personal reason, how can TCA help them finish their year?

    Answer: TCA creates a student’s study plan based on a full school year. If students choose to leave school before the end of school year they may not be able to complete all of their courses. Students need to take the full responsibility for their choices.

  20. I paid one year tuition, but I took only 4 courses. Can I get a refund for part of the tuition?

    Answer: As a full-time student in TCA you commit to a full year program that requires you to be available to attend full-time. TCA does not refund any tuition fee no matter how many courses you take.

  21. May I pay tuition by courses?

    Answer: Grade 12 students who are Ontario registered students with valid OEN numbers may pay tuition as follows. All other students must pay the full-year tuition fee

    1. For students who need fewer than 4 credits, the minimum tuition payable is for 4 courses.
    2. For students who need more than or equal to 4 credits, the tuition is payable for each course.
    3. New Green Path Program students must pay the full-year tuition.
    4. Existing Green Path Program students may pay their tuition according to items 1 and 2 listed above.
  22. What is the tuition fee for each credit?

    Answer: Tuition fees are adjusted every year, so please consult our website for updates. For students attending 2018-2019, the Regular Program tuition is $1,850/credit, Green Path Program: $2,850/credit.

  23. As a Grade 12 student, if I do not finish my required credits, can I get a refund for part of the tuition?

    Answer: The tuition for Grade 12 students is payable according to the requirements outlined in Item 22 Full-time students should complete all the credits that are required for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, and for admission to their preferred university program. If, for any reason, students do not complete the required credits, TCA does not refund any tuition fee.

  24. What is TCA’s recommended course sequence?

    Answer: TCA’s courses prepare students to meet the requirements for admission to university. We will recommend a program that keeps open our students’ options for their desired university program. For example, the following would be suitable for admission to a broad range of university programs:

    Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
    EnglishENG1DENG2DENG3UENG4U -Grade 12 U English
    MathMPM1DMPM2DMCR3U MHF4U - Advanced Functions
    MCV4U - Calculus and Vectors
    MDM4U - Math of Data Management
    ScienceSNC1DSNC2D SBI3U
    SBI4U - Biology
    SCH4U - Chemistry
    SPH4U – Physics
    ComputerTEJ1OTEJ2OICS3UICS4U – Computer Science
    Social ScienceCGC1DCHC2DHRT3M CIA4U – Analysing Current Economic Issues
    CGU4M – World Geography
    CHY4U –World History
    ArtAVI1O AVI2O
    AVI4M – Visual Arts
    ASM4M – Media Arts
    Business Studies BBI1O
    BBB4M – International Business
    BOH4M – Business Leadership Management
    BAT4M – Financial Accounting Principles
  25. What are the minimum Ontario High School Graduation requirements?

    Answer: To receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma students must earn 30 high school credits, perform 40 community hours, and pass the Grade 10 Literacy Test. Students who do not pass the Grade 10 Literacy test are required to pass the Ontario Secondary School literacy Course (OLC4O)

  26. How do universities evaluate applicants?

    Answer: Universities base their admission decisions on the six highest Grade 12 course marks and Language Test Results. In addition, Grade 12 alternative courses, Grade 11 related courses, and rewards obtained in academic competitions will also be part of a university’s considerations.

  27. Are textbooks compulsory for courses at TCA?

    Answer: Yes, textbooks are a compulsory component of each course. Students may borrow or buy textbooks for each course.

  28. How do students obtain a textbook?

    Answer: To ease the financial burden, TCA will provide the required textbook(s) by means of a textbook rental program. TCA’s affordable rental program requires a $1,000 security deposit to cover rental for all textbooks required for the current school year. Textbooks will be issued at the beginning of each course and students must return each textbook at the end of the course. The $1,000 security deposit, minus a $20 rental fee per course, will be refunded when all rented books are returned by the end of school year. Students will be charged the retail price for books that are not returned. Example: A fulltime student pays $1,000 security deposit in September. The student takes 9 courses. At the end of the last course the student is refunded $1,000 - $180 or $820.

  29. Do students have to pay the $1,000 textbook security deposit if they are students paid by courses based on Item 21?

    Answer: No, the security deposit will be $100/course. At the end of the last school year the refund will equal the deposit minus a rental charge of $20 per book..

  30. May students extend their tuition to next year?

    Answer: No, tuition is only valid for one year from the day students begin the current school year.

  31. After students enrol in a course, if they want to cancel the course, can they get a refund for this course?

    Answer: No. Students need to pay for each course in which they enroll. Students will not receive a refund even if they never attend the course for any reason. In serious extenuating circumstances the school will use its discretion to modify this rule.

  32. If, after enrolling in a course, students find the course is not suitable for them, may they change to another course?

    Answer: Yes. Students have option to switch courses within three days if seating is available in other courses.

  33. What is the different between dropping courses and withdrawing from courses?

    Answer: If students drop a course, they do not have a record of this course on their transcript. If students withdraw from a course, they will have a record and mark of this course on their transcript.

  34. What is the dead line to drop a course?

    Answer: To drop a course, students must write a request to drop a course to the school counselor within 3 days after the midterm report of this course.

  35. Where do TCA students live?

    Answer: Accommodations are divided into managed and non-managed accommodations. The managed accommodations are supervised either by the school or by the host family. The students living in the managed accommodations are always under the watchful supervision of either a TCA staff member or a host parent. Students staying in non-managed accommodation live with their relatives, friends or in rental housing on their own; the school does not manage the residences of these students. Students who require non-managed accommodation must obtain permission from their legal guardians and obtain confirmation from the school.

  36. May students’ make their own arrangements to rent a house or apartment?

    Answer: If students are 18 years or older, they may arrange to rent a house or apartment independently with their parents permission.

  37. Do students have an evening curfew time when they must be in their dormitory? How does the school manage this?

    Answer: Students must be in their dormitory by 10pm. The school will conduct random and unannounced checks from time to time.

  38. How does the school control excessive use of internet gaming in the evening?

    Answer: The school implements strict network management to control excessive use of internet at night by residents. Internet use in the dormitory will be disconnected at 12 am and will be re-connected at 6 am.

  39. Are students required to care for their own room and common areas such as the kitchen?

    Answer: Yes. Students are responsible to keep their dormitory facilities clean and neat. The school will check each student’s room weekly, and if the room and common area are not clean and neat, the student will be required to pay for cleaning by a professional cleaner.

  40. May a student accommodate others in their student condo?

    Answer: Students in a condo are not allowed to accommodate others without permission. If this rule is violated, the student will be expelled from the condo without a refund. At the same time, the student will be given a severe warning, suspension or expulsion from the school.

  41. May a student host a guest in the student condo?

    Answer: Students in condos are permitted to host a guest for a short time provided there is no interference with the rights of a roommate and approval has been given by other roommates before inviting a guest to the room. Students in condos are forbidden to host a guest between 10 pm to 8am. If violated, it will be treated as in Item 40 .

  42. How does TCA deal with student violations?

    Answer: Methods include: warnings, severe warnings, temporary suspensions, probation and finally expulsion from TCA.

  43. What is TCA’s Plagiarism and Cheating Policy?

    Answer: Plagiarism and cheating are strictly prohibited in TCA. Based on the severity of the plagiarism and cheating, the consequences will include: redoing part or all of the plagiarized assignment; completing an alternate assignment; loss of marks; a mark of zero; suspension, dismissal from the course, and expulsion from TCA.

  44. If a student’s study visa is denied, can the student get a refund from TCA?

    Answer: Yes, if a student’s study visa is denied, after TCA receives the letter of refusal from the embassy, TCA will return the money within one month, minus the application and bank transfer fees.

  45. If a student changes their mind about applying for a study visa or studying at TCA, may the student get a refund from school?

    Answer: No, TCA will only refund if the student’s study visa is denied. Otherwise, TCA does not refund any money for any reason.

  46. If a student cannot attend school due to a family or personal unforeseeable accident, can the student get a refund from TCA?

    Answer: Yes, the school will refund the money according to the specific situation.

  47. What is the communication method between school and parents? How often?

    Answer: TCA believes that an efficient communication between school, parent and students is important for maintaining the quality of education. Our school counselors will communicate with parents about each student’s study or life situation twice a month. The frequency may increase or decrease depending on each student’s behaviour.

  48. Where do most of the graduates from TCA go?

    Answer: 80% of the graduates from TCA will stay in Canadian universities. 10% of the graduates will go to USA universities. The other 10% will go to destinations that include England, Australia, and Hong Kong.

  49. Is there any extra fee for helping students apply to non-Canadian universities such as USA universities?

    Answer: No, except for the American Ivy League universities and some other non-Canadian universities, TCA where may charge an extra service fee depending on the situations.

  50. Does TCA have an IELTS training course?

    Answer: Yes, the IELTS training course is one of our special programs. The training team is composed of IELTS examiners and specialists. We encourage students to take our one-on-one IELTS training program.

  51. Is TCA an IELTS testing center?

    Answer: Yes, students can take the IELTS test at TCA every Saturday. TCA is also the testing center for TOEFL, Computer Science, and the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).


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